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23 February 2014 @ 04:52 pm
Sewing & Cosplay Projects  
So I decided to make a post that holds all my sewing info with upcoming projects, current projects, and the like. It'll be a sticky post so that I can come back to it often :) and because my previous sticky post, of RP muses, is sort of moot because I no longer RP

Personal Sewing Projects:
Random outfit! (want to finish by AX)
- Grey skirt (about 50% completed)
- Burgundy vest (about 20% completed)
- Striped shirt
- Burgundy hat
Dapper Day Dress (finish by September)
- Dress

Cosplay Projects:
Fem!Aziraphale (finish by late July)
- Tartan pencil skirt
- Wings (make or buy)
- Wire-frame glasses

Possible Projects:
- 1925!Miku
- Code:Variant!Gumi
- FFX!Rikku

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