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And then a giant post on stories arrived

Wow it's like I only come to you guys when I need a place to put things that isn't tumblr or twitter I'm sorry.

I think I want to start using this some more than I have in the year or two past, mostly because -- while not a lot has happened -- I like having this space to turn to that isn't limited by characters or viewable by so many people. (Or anyone because I don't know who is still here?!) (IF YOU ARE HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE MISSED THIS SPACE)

A few days ago, after deciding I wanted to talk about my stories, I decided to tweet about them. And I selected 20 different titles to talk about. Novels, "novellas", "idk what to do with these", "I would love to write this if it didn't take so much time" and "oh my god I forgot about these". And then I took the time to pull that all from twitter and format it. Only now it's posted backwards so I have to fix that before I post it on here.

So be prepared for the madness below the cut of like 6k+ of me talking about 20 different stories sobs

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(/curtain draws shut across the scene)

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Art Post: "The Contest" for journeystory

This is going to be one of those rare, LJ only entries!

Hey there! This is one of two posts for x_disturbed_x's story "The Contest", which was created for journeystory Big Bang. You can read the story right here.

Sorry for the quality of this post: I'm tired and still recovering from the con bug.

Also, I couldn't get access to my scanner today (so these were taken with my cellphone), and it turns out that my tablet pen IS INDEED not working after the dog chewed on it, so these pictures couldn't be fixed up just yet. So I'll likely be replacing them soon. Going to have to go over them in pen and then scan them.

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Keep an eye out over at hellobetafish in order to see the mix when it goes up tomorrow! I am too tired to deal with formatting right now.
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A post on "Mwyr"

A lot of people really wanted to see this post and so I suddenly feel like there is a "no pressure!" situation going on. Wow.

I'm going to ramble on a bit about my history with this story and then I'll get in to talking about the plot.

Be warned: There are going to be spoilers galore! So if you're adverse to spoilers of ANY KIND, even if it's a story you might not even read, then tread with caution!

Current Status: 16.5 chapters written // 82600 words of the original goal of 60k

Ease of access links to sections here:
- My history with "Mwyr" and why I love it so
- Canon history of the world in "Mwyr" (or the world of Mwyr depending on how you look at it)
- Rambling on about the story

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Most of the questions that I have revolve around what will happen in book two, so I don't want to consider them just yet--mostly because I don't know how things will proceed with book one. But you will learn more about the Goddess' history, the Ti'Corrah, and the "Song of the Seven Heroes". You'll also get to meet this new race of creatures called the Hatu--another race that is "not supposed to exist yet still does anyway", and Sera geeks out major (he's a history buff).

My biggest problem, as of now, is trying to figure out where the plot is going. Because while the original point of the story was Arika traveling to get home, that's been erased.

Now, I should go and work on the actual story...

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The ides of March!

Day two of not getting any writing done but I've had freakishly long and exhausting days. As in gone between 8AM and 9:30PM for both. But it's not like it's been all bad. Work for most of it, and then hanging out with friends! (Yesterday it was with Dan, Erika, and her friend Kelly, and today it was with Tiffany). But! Today is the 15th of March, which means not only is it Et tu, Brutus day, but it is also Catoir's birthday!

So this is for [personal profile] bottlingsound. I actually wrote some Tinsel! I would guess this would be in '85.

Part 2 will come later. (Tomorrow?)

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PS I caved and bought Dustin O'Halloran's Lumiere album because I couldn't live without it in my life.

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1/2 FSTs Completed!

So this is an LJ-specific post because it's an LJ-specific issue, but I have completed one of two FSTs for journeystory. You can check it out (while it is still public) over this way on hellobetafish! I think it's the most fun I had putting together a mix in awhile. The second one will be posted on Sunday, though I might not make it public until the 10th since that is the due date (I really like this mix, too! I just need to order the tracks and then make the cover/banner/icons).

Now for a slightly blog-related thing:
Had a job interview today. Through a temp agency; will find out likely by the end of this week how that goes. Might end up quitting Legoland or just working there on holidays and weekends. Ah, I was kind of looking forward to completing a full year there! (one year in February sometime after Valentines).

Also, I plan on using tags on my DW, which means I'm going to go back and start tagging things. Ohgod I'm kind of afraid. Tagging 1200 or so posts!! (that last post I made was actually 1200, I wish it was more dramatic because that's kind of a big thing!)

Right on. Back to writing!
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Kind of moving!

Hey everyone! As you all know, LJ has been the pits lately. It seems like a lot of people are moving to DreamWidth, and that it has open registration to at least the end of the year, and I can import all my old LJ posts and things like that.

So I am!

What that means for my LJ is that the rare posts I do make will be on my DW and then crossposted automatically to here. This won't apply to past0rl_insanty or hellobetafish, though!

Also, tonight after work, I will be doing a "year in review" posts with pictures. Finally.

For all of you who have a DreamWidth: ADD ME! But really, if you want a more constant update of things, I use Tumblr mostly.

(/skips off to play P4)
aie! ftagn ftagn cthulhu


Hit 50k for Wayfarer today! I forged ahead and did some 10k words since I had the day off. I think I managed nearly 15k in three days, pulling me from being a week behind to finishing 4 days early!

More later. Time for bed.
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Quick post

Okay you guys remember a few weeks back when I said I was making CDs for a NaNo music swap?

I'm making them now! I do believe that Sara requested a physical CD (yes? Too lazy to check), but please let me know if you would like a physical copy of it as well :D I am going to be uploading the zip file to mediafire so you can just download it from there if you don't have a preference. I'll update this post later today with it.