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25 October 2012 @ 11:11 am
"I've unleased the fatties!"  
This week is an easy week for me, which is nice. Only working 31 hours or so, but 7 of them are going to be training hours! Bwahaha. But, surprisingly, I have two days off this week! I totally needed it. I was starting to feel burnt out and felt the comings of a cold.

Comings of a cold have fled and creativity has returned! In time for Nano! (so Adonisville and Mwyr need to stop being on my mind).

But, really, I've been feeling very creative lately and writing lots of dialogue scenes. And then this morning (in between chasing my cats around with a squirt bottle) I created a strange world that I would love to eventually incorporate into something. Under the cut.

So the book that I'm reading now, The Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear, is this fictional Silk Road type of place, with a bunch of warring countries and territories that change hands often. She created this really interested idea that each kingdom has its own sky. The one that Temur comes from has hundreds of moons in the sky, one for each descendant of their great King. And as each person dies, the moon disappears. The sky looks so much closer to the ground, too. For Samarkar, her sky is far above them and the constellations are different, etc.

Which I guess might have influenced this idea, because I don't know if a country would be able to flourish with the kind of night I'm going to describe haha

Basically, wherever this takes place, they have three different stages of night (I apologize, for some odd reason I was also thinking of the German flag). The first is a weird kind of hazy twilight for a few hours. Fog always settles in and the streetlights (or whatever) have odd reflections on it (ever driven through super thick fog? it's sort of like that). The next stage is complete darkness. No moon, no stars, not even artificial light can help you see further than your hand BEWARE SLENDERMAN AT THIS HOUR. This is when the creatures of the dark like to lurk about, you can hear them shuffling in the darkness though you'll never be able to see them (or anything else for that matter). The third time is the red hours, where the creatures that even the dark ones are scared of exist. It's the hours right before the dawn, and so the world is bathed in this strange eerie light and yeah.

Something like that.

But really I should be concentrating on my NaNo stop STOP THAT ME.

I wrote a dialogue yesterday that I now need to add into my NaNo, only it means I need to create a new character. Which is so strange to be because it has ALWAYS been just Fe, Finn, and Othello. So I don't know if this will be fun or a challenge. Maybe I'll troll the NaNo forums for something. Until then, I should get back to ironing out this plot. I'm going to make profiles for the main three up at Charahub later today.

Well, I need to go eat because my tumbly is all a rumbly, and then I need to be producitve. I wanted to get a haircut and dye my hair today, but I don't know if that's going to happen (well, I need to touch up my hair because my roots are showing but I guess I might not go for the color change I had been planning just yet).

PS this song has been on repeat the entire time I made this post. HOT DAMN I love it. Finally bought it yesterday. Got tired of just repeating it on youtube.

PS 2 I need to make new icons.

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